Born in small town Kimberley, Ontario, Chris realized his love for the arts at a young age and was inspired and encouraged by his own talented family. Upon graduation from both middle and high school Chris received the Art Award for his excellence in art and design. Naturally he followed his talent and continued his education at the Georgian College’s School for Design & Visual Arts (SDVA) studying Graphic Design. During his time at the SDVA Chris completed an internship with the Association of Registered Graphic Designers. Chris graduated at the top of his class and was featured in the year-end scholarship show where he received the Aquity Digital Imaging Award for Excellence.

Chris made the move to Toronto where he took a position as an Advertising Designer for George Media Inc. There he handled the production, design and organization of the advertising within five online business-to-business journals. The job was fast paced and involved working directly with advertisers around the world to design business adverts to specific standards. Literally hundreds of clients have worked with Chris to present their business on the international stage. These clients ranged in size from a small mining company with one rig in South Africa to internationally recognized brands like Coca-Cola, UPS and Pentax, just to name a few. Chris spent three years with George Media Inc. and is now looking for his next design opportunity.

Since leaving George Media, Chris has been commissioned to design several freelance projects. These projects include identities, advertising/promotional material, illustration and book design. His drive has been keeping him busy with freelance work, but ultimately he is looking to continue his growth with an inspiring employer as a passionately creative bearded guy.

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