George Media Inc.

Pentax Canada_p2

F H Bertling_p5



These are only a select few of the ads I completed as George Media’s advertising designer. To get an idea of the true amount of ads done, take a look at the background of this page. It shows three hundred ads I created in the first three months with the company. Makes me exhausted just thinking about it to this day.

In George’s current portfolio of journals, they publish four that are specific to a particular region: The Canadian Business JournalThe American Business JournalThe Australian Business Journal and The African Business Journal. Each title offers readers a glimpse into their local business landscape with monthly news, columns and interviews that inform and inspire local decision makers.

The fifth magazine, The International Resource Journal, covers all resource sectors across the globe, including alternative energy, mining, oil and gas and renewable fuels. Each issue features regular columns, profiles of industry associations and industry bodies, and keynote interviews with corporate leaders running successful local and international enterprises.

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