Georgian College’s School of Design & Visual Arts


^As an example of my illustration, this was to done to highlight the top 7 worst offenders in e-waste production. As well as illustrating the information graphic, the general layout of the newspaper was also built by myself. It ended up getting recognition at the Art Goes Green Show in the Helen and Arch Brown Centre for Visual Arts.



^This piece started as a simple professional development assignment to submit an essay outlining the benefits an event – pertaining to my industry – had to my development. I choose to cover Cut and Paste and had a blast. Ended up catching a Diesel shirt in the crowd and literally cut and pasted my essay to the t-shirt.


^Lettermania, was a project that involved designing the dust cover and opening spread of the book on typography. I went above and beyond to produce the entire book as well. The bulk of the book is made up of my rough work from other projects in my portfolio, I did this to also be able to demonstrate my roughs process as a part of my portfolio.

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